A proposal on future updates

So, lately the Tactisoft team has been pushing out new items and portals every week, and its great.
However, I was thinking that we haven’t had any new features in quite a long time

So my proposal is- how about we take a break on the adding of new items, and instead focus on new, fresh features?

These could be

-A new gamemode
-better clan system (such as vice leader, mass messages (like in BD) and better clan chat, maybe a clan chat you could access while farming campaign.)
-showing of the drop rates in the shop
-New box types?
-And many other features I’m sure the team could come up with.

Does anyone agree with me on this?

  • Yes, I would like the adding of new features, and a break from the new items
  • No, I like things as they are
  • Other (comment)

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And maybe that they should double check the game.
Search some bugs and stuff.

I agree. Devs have been doing great with the portals, much appreciated. However, a new feature would be great.

Totaly,maybe they will add reloaded god mode.
That will be perfect for an example.

:+1: I can’t like so i will give you this

Id like clan wars and 3v3…

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Good feature for your clan.
I know that mate.

Well for 3v3 its a selfish request from me, itd allow me to build counters while not having the pick up gamble.
For the clan wars thatd be fun to challenge other clans and have a clan ranking based on this instead of just adding up individual arena points…

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Of course it is.
Maybe a 2v2 request?
Since arena battles are 2v2 only?

How about banning cheaters and fixing bugs?

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We’re both good tbh.

I can’t fuqing like

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Also add power pints that only some new account had

um the only feature i would like to see brought back is the drop rates, but other than that, the game is fine

clan items
For example, we tie the getting things to the victories of the clan. 10,000 wins = 1 thing. Individual for the clan. When leaving the clan, the item disappears, or remains in the clan ( remains with the creator of the clant).

Or come up with something that can be obtained, quest / mission for clan! going to the whole clan and is going to smash the enemy)) Some loot(details) come of which the gear is going.
But: so that the clan did not have all the things at once, make the restriction - 1 clan 1 thing.
Need another thing - dismantling the previous one and doing a new one from scratch!

Nice post!

Agree, the team’s been doing great with pushing out new items, but would be nice to see some new features as well…

Would still love to see a new mode. I threw out this idea called 3x3 Invasion Mode a while ago, and I think it would be awesome. I do believe 3x3 for Ranks 5-1 is eventually coming.

Showing Drop Rates would be awesome and help to focus time and resources appropriately

I’d love a new box type for players Level 150 plus that makes it a bit easier to move up the Ranks. Perhaps something that takes that Extra Experience and converts it into chance of Legendaries

Also, introduction of Steel Plates are still much needed. A lot of cool red and blue Epic items are available (Mass Boosters, Engines) but no awesome Yellow Epic items currently exist… Hmmm :thinking:

I also threw out this idea

Actually, one really nice feature would be a simple Weekly Developers Update…

Just a few lines on…

  • Thinking behind latest Item Portal release
  • Any current issues they are looking at
  • Any future features they are working on

It wouldn’t need to be interactive. Just a few simple statements that give us some insight on what the developers are trying to bring in and some reassurance that issues brought up are being addressed. Also, to give us game features to look forward to and generate excitement :smiley:

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Hey, that was you!!! :rofl:

Great minds think alike my friend :grinning:

That would be awesome- but unfortunately I think this topic and everything suggested in it is useless- we both along with many others have created ideas that were approved by many members of the community, that never got put it, or considered really.

We shall keep trying though!