A proposal for Platinum Plate


Disclaimer: This was not my idea. I came across it while reading old threads and decided that it had potential. This is my attempt to make it noticeable.

Iron Plates should have their weights halved to 20 kg, while PP stays at 40 kg. This means that although heavier, PP is more efficient as it is essentially 2 plates in one (and a little bit more). While not straight-out nerfing PP or buffing IP, I still think this a good way to find a compromise between them both.

PPs wouldn’t be so OP anymore, they’d just be more efficient. Plus, the extra weight could provide room for more weapons/modules to make up the gap between IP and PP.

The same could be applied for resistance mods.

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They wont do anyhting for this. Many players spend money trying to obtain this item. (But i hope in a solution) if you lower weights of iron it will be easy to have more hp (not good for tactisoft)

PP = money for tactisoft


Not happening mate… its pretty clear. Plus you would also have to do the same for res mods and other mods to make it legit/logicall. Killing current set ups of everybody


An alternative to this idea is to make Iron Plates C-L, with 230 HP at Legendary LV40 [(145+315)/2]. This will reduce the gap a little, even if it’s unlikely to happen.


So,what you’re implying is that the epic version of Abomination called Twisted Flux should also have its weight halved,right?

No,while in different tiers it’s the same item so the weight should remain the same.


Half? I don’t think so, maybe 25 kg. I think I’ve suggested for a weight drop to 25 (or was it 28?) kg before.

Remember that Iron Plating maxes out at Epic, and therefore takes much less power to fuse it to its maximum potential.


Just make the plates common-mythical and the prot rare-mythical


Of course… a staple item such as HP plates should have been Common-Mythical in the first place. :slight_smile:


True, but considering amounts some spent to get these; thatd be really difficult to justify such a twist.
Not that TS cares actually, but still


I know they won’t change it… it’s more of a “What it should have been” thing.