A problem with campaign rewards


Hello everyone, today I come to show you a problem that occurs in game in snot campaign, in mission 8 and that is the problem of gold,
if you play it on normal difficulty it gives you as shown, but you play hard difficulty gives you 11 thousand gold and if you play it in insame and gives 12 thousand gold

an example that I show you in this photo

And another issue is the tonkes mine, which gives you nothing because in addition to slowing down the computer, you do not gain any tonkes, and if you win only 1 tonke for 1 that is by itself is annoying to put at risk our computers and that causes them to burngrkonbmpekb


Cronoz this wrong gold output issue has been going on for years and I don’t think it’s gonna change.

As far as Crypto Token mining just don’t use it and your box will be fine.


Yea don’t use the mining because I used mine for a hour and I only mined half a token so it’s not worth it and yes the my campain is the same and if you would like to help fix this problem them you can contact support and see if they can fix it.