A poll for those who have a chair or a sponge instead of a brain




If you want to say something like “Nice Idea” or “ Ok”, simply like the post. This expresses your positive sentiment perfectly.

If everyone just posted “Nice Idea”, “OK” you’d spend more time drudging through expressions that are meaningless to anyone except you and the topic owner than participating in the actual content!

This keeps topics fairly readable ordeals :slight_smile:


First time seeing you here. :no_mouth:


Also, have you voted on the second poll yet?


Just write inside the two arrows like so: < random text >

Don’t forget to close the arrows (remove spacing), too.


Good that this thread is in spam


ah yes, guilty as charged, i am one with a chair for a brain


This topic is just beautiful.


Tomatos are better than potatos.


why am I friends with you jk


The most funniest part of the poll when you vote that,you said kys lmao.

You acctualy made me laugh.


I acctualy have no idea what to choose lmao.


What if I have a potato as a brain?


Sponge brain square pants