A polite request for an explaination


@KilliN the infamous releaser of the Elcent dox is now unbanned while

@yeet and @Mr.E remain banned for not reacting harshly enough to him while it was going on.

utterly shameful.


this wouldnt have something to do with killin providing free ads on his youtube channel for sm while MrE and yeet do not, would it developers? @Smirk @Berserk40000

oh and just as a side note to all you clowns who claim there’s bias towards HTK on this forum - how do you explain this situation where killin, a non HTK member, maliciously involved himself in the doxing of our moderators yeet is unbanned after a week, el metre who was there was never banned while a HTK member was banned for life for being there and remains banned. it’s truly disgusting how much special treatment we get oin this forum, frankly sickening isn’t it.


Actually, was Mr.E who shared Elcent’s personal info, I have no involvement with this. :)


I have heard a very different story.


Everyone did, people started spreading so many rummors, such like “KilliN shared Elcent’s personal info” and “KilliN helped with DDOS attacks”, both acusations are false. I got banned for Harassement, about insulting people and being toxic in general.

I have no involvement with leak of personal info of anyone, neither to attacks. I actually told @Smirk to remove the Twich linkage from his discord profile, because I found his Skype, Real name, email, and many more stuff about him from that single link, but I didn’t shared that info, and I will not.

So feel free to un-do this topic, I’m not that evil guy.


well, with so much conflicting information I suppose I can’t say for sure what a factual account is.


aaaaaaaaaaand what about yeet?
did our beloved orang help with leaking the personal info?


First of all moderators had nil to do with this decision. Was made by the SM team, who don’t know anyone in HTK or outside of it personally quite yet since they’re new here…

Second of all @Killin I’ve read the chat.


I’m glad.

the 20 chars


So is SM workshop coming back up?




Awesome, thanks for that.


:open_mouth: @KilliN is back !!!



the fck really yes yay weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
yay yes
he not going to be dead yes


In the next weeks, we are planning to update our SM forum policy.

We don’t welcome anymore (as before too) any personal harassment, toxic public & private messages and disrespect our moderators’ group.

Be friendly and support a healthy atmosphere.