A person was trying to trade accounts in the SM chat


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Just wanting to make sure that he does not ask for anybody account. Thank you


nobody cares lmaooooo

Theres the red text above also , lel


We have the warning above the chat, in red text and with a warning signal.

T.o.S. Says sharing accounts is not allowed. Means after the player shares his account he broke the agreement and the Developers aren’t responsible for any damage on his account, including for what happens in the most cases, the scam.


Most people don’t read the TOS of anything , thus theyre most likely to suffer in game


Okay then never mind if nobody cares.


“I am a very trusted member of the forum”

lol what? get over yourself, kid. im the very trusted member of the forum. everyone else are peasants on here.


I know that i am not very trusted it was just for affect I am only trust level 3.


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