A Normie's guide to Farming


Eyo, I’ma say the Farming guide, Though this’ll be 100% inaccurate cause of my stupidity and normie experiences of the game so let’s just get the criticism and this typing done shall we?



The best level to farm Items for noobs is the Ramboy boss in Insane, It has the highest Fortune box drop chance but the Fortune will most likely drop a piece of shit, Don’t worry! That piece of shit’ll be useful for Evolve/Upgrading!

And for the people that are good at the game, You can farm BB either 1v1 or 2v2, You can choose whatever you, BB can drop fortune boxes that are decent, Depending on your luck


The best Gold farming spot is originally OD6 insane since it gives the most balanced drops for 7 Energy, It sometimes drop boxes that contains shit but hey, There are only three enemies there so it’s a quick and easy farming spot

For the players that reaally need gold, BB 2v2 normal, hard or insane will do it, Hell Normal’s better since it’s doable and easy, It also gives 14k so yeah…


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Experience Points

The best XP farming spot is either OD6 Insane or BB normal, Though I would go for BB normal if you want full on XP, If you want a balanced drop of Gold and XP go for OD6

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Bb 2v2 has better fuel to gold earned ratio than od6




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depends if the fortune boxes love you or hate you.


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OD6 Insane has more XP per fuel ratio than 2v2 BB normal.

Ramboy normal has more drops than insane because you can do it more. 2v2 big boy on normal, however, has balanced gold, xp, and fortune drops.



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For Legendaries (edit this in with “by @cyanine” pls lmao)

2v2 BIGBOY is the best farming spot for Legends. Can give 1-2 Legends STRICTLY in a Fortune Box.

Although, for lower type of bosses you need to do Hard / Insane. Bigboy and Senior Quads can stick to Normal only.