A new version would be good


Hello everyone
1 as many have come complaining about the inconvenience of color kits would be a good idea to implement a painting workshop where you can customize the mech with the color you want.
2.new weapons: new weapons agree as there are Mech who have a giant immortality would be good to play a little with the situation since it might be interesting to add new weapons like a boxing fist a new legs that will impel you up to 4 away but With durability. Well my point is that adding new weapons gives interest to the game since it is strategy and those who are already full myths innovate in the creation of new mechs
3.new percentages for the boxes: I know that in this bridge I will not agree, but I propose that you make a new percentage for the box, for example: common wing added a 3% chance of myths since it would be worth farmear both for Assert that 3%. Another would be the silver one as it is like having a common box x3 since the probability of myths is very low and gives little fruit in getting what you need or something desecente the percentage could be the next 10% of mythical and that the value It would come to 100 h and would have a balance so that the buyers will satisfy that little percentage of mythical. Another idea would be to eliminate the epic and rare items of the golden boxes since they are ovely golden and you have to acquire most of the legendary and you have to keep in mind that not all the legendary are very good
3. Improve weapons that were once good: I would like to improve some weapons that were the best 3 years ago, as in the case of the demolishers and the previous swords of hammers and axes
4. an improvement in the chat room: it would be good for the chat to improve and implement nonsense that would be useful as adding emoticons and other things like that, another that could choose an avatar in the chat so that you were recognized something like that Like the messeger but less with the option of “what about your day” in parenthesis implement some messaging things to make it better the experience of talking with your friends
Well these are some ideas that I had and I have but I did not want to add them because I already put it very long XD thanks for your attention
Haa by the way for the box I recommend you do a promotion to see how it is going to be at least about two days so that people who have stored their tokens spend them and people of money recharge and buy boxes

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Right i think i understand at least the half of this
Hablas español? te puedo ayudar a traducir si quieres

1 Well i dont think they change special boxes % this is what i say a long time ago:
-Add a 1% mythical probability to mix boxes
-Remove the epic % on gold Boxes and change the % of silver boxes leaving them like this:
Silver boxes= 40% Epic, 20% Legendary, 10% Mythical
Gold Boxes= 50% Legendary 15% Mythical Gold needs to be gold right?

2 The painting workshop sounds nice, could be a good idea to put color kits and my idea of stikers and patterns on a single place

3 by the weapons im not sure what do you mean, but i think that you mean people with a lot of hp, would be nice nerf God Mode torso like this
Weight= 408
700 life
130 heat/energy
20 Cooling/regen
-20 resistance on all
with this it could be a better balanced torso and be the perfect oposite of diamond shell
and improve the life modules to give us 80, 85 and 90 hp respectively

For the chat idea i think its ok like now adding emojis would make it heavier you always can put faces like this n.n, the real reason its because i think this would be more important for devs than fixing the game or adding things more usefull

i think thats all right?


Por fin alguien que habla español te agradezco mucho si me ayudas a transmitir las ideas que tengo para cambiar y mejorarlas
Gracias Izhar


Sera un placer jeje
espero ser de ayuda


Mantengamonos en contacto para hablemos sobre unas ideas que tengo o bueno las plantillas


oye izhar
tengo una idea sobre hacer un torso llamado “the dragon” voy a hacer 3 verciones

-el dragon rojo (heat)
+420 hp
+5 de resistencia de energy y fisico
+160 heat y enfriamiento 80/100 energy y 35 de regeneracion

-el dragon dorado (fisico)
+400 hp
+2 de resistencia en todos los atributos
+120 en heat y energy/60 de enfriamiento/regeneracion

-el dragon del trueno (energy)
+420 hp
+5 de resistencia de fisico y heat
+160 de enegy y 80 de regeneracion/100 de heat 35 de enfriamiento

voy a ver si puedo hacer un dibujo en papel para que los veas

sabes tanbien seria bueno que añadieran efectos especiales a la animacion de aparicion ejemplo el dragon al aparecer saldria su cabeza desplegada y le destellarian los ojos. tambien el punto de añadir como unas habilidades especiales por ejemplo:

-el galaxus tendria la habilidad intimidación
constaria de esto esta habilidad: los dos primeros turnos de la batalla el opononte hara la mitad del daño (esta habilidad seria anulada por la misma “intimidacion” o por “el efecto dios”>esta habilidad la podrian tener los torsos dragones o el god mode


en estos dias estoy libre asi q me conectare al foro a diario cualqier cosa me podes etiqetar y lo reviso luego

jojo ya hay torsos con ese nombre pero tu idea de hacer otro trio esta genial
podrias poner eso de titulo: "Un nuevo trio de torsos"
me gusta la idea pero el enfriamiento/regeneracion es muy alto ni los miticos son tan buenos en eso intenta bajarle sino pesarian unos 580 y no le podrias poner casi nada

respecto a las habilidades SI! estaria de lujo xD aunque con lo lentos que son los desarrolladores dudo que lo aprueben y si lo hacen tardara en llegar
porque habria q programar cada habilidad incluso si solo fuesen 20 habilidades seria bastante trabajo

me pondre atraducirlo mañana aqi mismo pa q lo copies y postees de un solo


ok izhar voy a preceder a hacer las habilidades para que me ayudes con el asuntillo


izhar me puedes dar tu correo para mandarte un archivo de word mas ordenado para que tu lo cambies y lo podamos tabular en un futuro en el foro


estoy en proceso de creacion de nuestro pequeño amigo :wink:

poco poco toma forma


Volvi de la muerte otra vez! xD
estuve sin internet ok mi correo Twinmill17@yahoo.es

Que genial se ve!
we te pondre a q dibujes algunas armas si puedes jeje
xD x correo te digo ya esta aqi la idea pero creo q mejor te la digo en español