A new type idea


My thoughts for a new type is Hack type, it works in two ways if your weapon has more hack damage than your enemies hack defense it is a almost 100% chance of the “hack effect” the hack effect is sorta like poison as where if you get lucky enough to get the effect to happen each turn it drains the enemies hp hack defense is like other defenses but along with decreasing damage taken you take less damage from the “hack effect” if you want me to explain this with more detail just ask im always understanding


I understood nothing.


I do belive there is no “hack” damage in the game. And i do belive this ideea is borrowed from a more complex RPG sistem. There was an old forum thread about posible Poison dmg beeing implemented… but that died fast.
It requiers new mechanics added to the game… and then balancing such a new effect/wepons… hmm IMHO not gonna happen.
I would suggest first solve the main issues of the game, then try new things.


an issue like the unicron event closing down 4 days early? :thinking:


Unicorn portal got eaten by BUGS.


please spread the word.


Ehmm… I reallly didn’t think this one through whilst making it. I hate younger me I swear


me too man me too :expressionless::expressionless:


Like I said, I didn’t think this one through.