A New Titan Has Arrived 16/9



Is it an energy one?
I will be pissed…cause i see blue thing on it.


It is energy one of course


Well i’m pissed then.


Best spot to farm for tickets? Most tickets for less fuel. No matter difficulty



From 2V2.


Okay, yeah… I was doing those. Double checking. Thank you YOUOYOU OMANSNS



I got karma’d for calling you Winz gae.


It’s easy peasy equip high regen and increase the resist and see it get ripped


Eventually Danger Zone 1v1 Side mission 5 Hard 7 fuel 9 tickets insane 8 fuel 10 tickets


No. I figured it out.

It’s BigBoy Side Mission 1 or 2 Hard 2v2.

7 fuel for 11 tickets.


Titan already begins to be bored.


I know.
Titans are bored of players trying to kill him.


Well… What are the weapons of this sh*t?


Probably same as heat one but energy instead…
So, all of weapons require energy…
All do energy damage
Weapon 1: Mass drainage
Weapon 2: Res drain
Weapon 3: Regen damage
Weapon 4: Cap damage


This boy can handle anything you throw at it.

Like seriously 402 Regen for something that doesn’t have Claw for HP support is already a lot.


The only thing it can’t handle are Heat Mechs.


I need plat plate to replace my iron plate
and I need to myth my energy mods…
I have 746 energy and 300 regen…
I also need a l-m energy storage unit to replace my maxed epic one…


Bet you can’t beat me in a 1v1 against my phys mech


You’ll modify it of course.

And probably because it was also an Energy Counter back then.

Now get out despacito


I won’t modify it… the same old phys mech with 548 energy