A new record among the clans!


But the developers performed a dirty trick - almost all received 1 epic!


I apologiese to your clan for saying that you were cheating.
Maybe you did worked hard.


10k wins!?!?
That around 450 per person!



Yes it is!


Where are congratulations? )))):face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


Grats on record wins!


thank you!:beers:_______


I think HTK had like 14k or 16k+ once but 11400+ for sure


damn, nearly 574 battles per pilots, so 82 battles per pilots and per day…
NO WORDS :scream::scream::scream:

20,000 wins for 100 toks, it’s a big f==king JOKE!!!


Well, top wins still.


kings of smurfs


I didn’t even know rewards went past 4000 wins, nice work with 10k


Oh wow, this is definitely a record after the big update.
There should be made a topic that says what are rewards for clan wins. My clan only gets to 1000 wins and 50 tokens. And I think many of us are curious what are the rewards


Wtf. Useless but unbelivable.
From me to you guys:


2000 wins - prem box(1 epik or leg)
5000 - 100 tokens
10 000 - prem box
20 000 - 100 tokens


thanks bro )):beers::beers::beers:


I still think that’s impossible.
Either smurfing (and,even if you were to smurf,82 wins per day as an average would still take many hours,and I doubt every player scored this many wins everyday) or hacking.Either one of those,slightly inclined towards hacking.


Its possible. I remember old times when everyone in clan had like 500 wins per week at least. The most I had was 750.
Now is a bit harder, but still, I managed to get 50 wins for 2 hours. Its easy, de rank and then win win. But thats only if clan plays for rewards and not trying to get higher on list. So if they all agreed to do so, great for them :slight_smile:


more ppl active = more wins


Congrats! Let’s go to the pub! THE DRINKS ARE ON MEEEEEEEEEEEE not really