A new Mythical Head "VrProto"

This head will have

Weight = 558

HP = 528

Energy = 105

Heat = 102

Cooldown = 25

Phys Resist = 25

Electric Resits = 25

Exp Resist = 25

Regeneration = 50

i’ll be happy if this is ADded

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I think you’re 2 years too late to suggest this kind of thing.


Too much.

That is really bad hp for its weight.

Bad energy

Bad heat

Bad cooldown

Not that useful.

There is a torso like this. But it is way better. Its a torso named


Also if your a legacy player then you are late to da party also those stats are pretty bad. COnsidering the new version of super mechs now.


are those the stats at epic ?


But he is right dude.

Those stats seems to be for legacy mythical torso, version which was live around 2 years ago.

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