A new item - rusty armor


It have more hp because physical=pure damage, duuuh…
Basically it already counter physical…


I had to save up for the prem box a REALLY long time, and I woul love it if the team started making item portals again. At least then i could get some fortune boxes, if not the item.


but i did get the item. Its pretty decent, but right now im working on mything my molten platinum vest :smile:


Same is brutality?
I see the fact that Britality is actually a physical torso with a elevated heat cap
It works flawlessly with my physics but leave something to be desired on my boiler



Actually…It was shown that it’s better to use a torso not with the type as the weapons/drone/etc ^^

I do’t remember the exact afguments, but it was shown ^^


rusty Armor in real life


This is the first time I’m not frustrated by someone for reviving a thread


That armor! What a beauty! :heart_eyes: