A new item - rusty armor


it’s my 3rd but i didn’t get any other protector always ultrahot


At least you got terror blade :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s the rust on it?


It’s not on it ^^

The resistance dust falled off long time ago under it ^^


today you said thank and almost you chop a cake to the admin. But in the future when you will not get an article do not come to claim anything.

If this community were united for a single purpose, we would obtain many things in favor of the game and of ourselves.


I think this item is unfair, it has more HP than the Hollow Spectral Armor and it has more energy. I know the heat is decreased, but not by that much. It will give an edge to anyone with the Rusty armor over someone with the HSA and those of us without them are left in the dust to rot…


Can’t wait for the heat one :wink: woop woop

(do you get the “woop woop”? XDDD woop2? no? ._.)


lol someone said that in an alliance in Goodgame Empire…


When trading is implemented, trade me one of ur ultra-hots for my hybrid heat cannon. That weapon is completely useless for my new heat breaker build now and my frickin max epic heat protector sucks.


Wish for a Kraken and never get one!


I can’t decide if it’s good drop or not:

  • A hella good deal :slight_smile:
  • A waste of packs :frowning:
  • I can’t decide either :expressionless:

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(Packs are from last sale at 1k tokens)


it’s alright

not good, not bad


You can already myth the flame spear with all these mythfood

not too bad


Thank god i didn’t buy anything …


I don’t even have one … And here are people getting their third one …


Good for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here I just collect stuff.


its decent
ya got an l-m
and all of the packs had leggies


I can’t understand why rusty armor have more hp than spectral armor. Rusty have energy benefit, heat variant have cooling and max heat benefit, but spectral armor have no benefit in any field. At least it should have more hp than both of them…


it has the benefit of being a balanced item.
archimonde is balanced so its one of the best items.
just get some resistance mods and you have a good balanced mech in terms of stats.