A new item - rusty armor


atleast the 2nd pack was worth something. The first one is complete garbage.


both of them are garbage


Yes…they buffed the drop rate
by 1%



a little earlier:

As we can see is outright swindle

Let to explain: the necessary thing is advertised, but, presumably, with new very necessary functions and then manually reduced drop factor.


nope this torso will break the game also where are the L-M item portals now is only E-M can pls bring back L-M item portal pls @Smirk


Frantic brutes love u too hahaha


got mine in two packs, thanks for the sale @Berserk40000


I don’t even want this new item, This is just an excuse for me to buy a Pack

aaaand I got Purple Poop, Now I regret buying a pack…


4 pack = 2 legend = no tors


double ping tho


Is drop increased or nerfed ?


drop rates have “dropped”.
i’ll go to a doctor now…


3000 tokens y no me sale , puf estafadores


Rust armor implemented on WU

Thanks for the stats @lordgorgon.


Drop rate for the item is increased temporarily and then dropped for all items permanently in the long run.
That is what I think with the last several prem packs and boxes I got drom login rewards or bought during sale events.


Always buy prem packs with the hope and expectation to get a certain item.
Then you usually end up not getting that item but at least another legendary item.

Too bad I did not do that during the last sale with 5 prem packs for 1000 tokens and ended up with only 1 legendary item out of all 5 packs.
Next time I open a prem pack again I will wish for a Maximum Protector again like all other times I did.
Then I still won’t get the Maximum Protector but I at least will get some legendary items.


■■■■ this game i’m going to upload that shit anyways,
no new item supermech youtube video


This is some Bull Shit :sweat_smile: :fu:


I’m disappointed


At least a protector…

(unless it’s your 4th or more… It is ?)