A new item - rusty armor


He does? Hmm… hmmmMMMMMMMMMM


1 prem pack bought. Got the item. Not gonna buy any more packs cause it can only get worse. And knowing TS it would definitely get worse from here on out.


There was this one topic where he said “I worked hard on this mech for a few days so please enjoy” but I can’t seem to find it


Me too, and I checked all of the topics he created that contained Mech Offers.

So if it’s not there, then maybe you confused it with an another person.







@David_Jojua you are #exposed lmao

Also, that’s pretty painful. Even for a new mod.


You can see “i was joking” at the bottom


Oh yeah.

@David_Jojua you still #exposed lmao


Maybe he was joking that he was joking





tell to Tactisoft that your PAY TO WIN politics is something of disrespectful towards players that do not have a huge amount of money (like a few in here).

Where is the old item portal? We want an explanation.


Because you are a spider man


I bought 3 packs and got this


Making great background won’t help it greater


worked for me :wink:


Lul :v


Ayy lmayo .-.


buy 6 dollars, 1 park nothing


2 purple packs
Thanks TS ,you made me happy :slight_smile: