A new item - rusty armor


Meh .-.


GRATZ BRO 0_0 >_< :joy:


again first pack


Idk why this game give me more claws .-.


Lucky u , been looking for a claw for a few weeks now.


me since it came in game -_-


Hey ! @lordgorgon would you show the maxed REA stats ? I’m curious…


Game wants you to be paralyzed.




I honestly… every time I see that.

I am soryr


thanks so much :+1:


Sure mate, here:


Will do good counters. Not sure for roundeds.


Sad .-.


Your post r getting darker


Yeaaaaahhh… I guess you’re right. These torsos are basically an alternate form of module set-up for a build so if you can’t create an energy rounded with torsos already there, you’re not going to be able to do it with the new torso


I know you are using the blue vest… similar uses i believe.


dammit berserk!
did you forget item portals exist?
atleast 70% of people cant do huge unboxings to find this item.


It’s not Berkserk’s fault, he’s a forum moderator that sends the developers information on what happens here. Same with Smirk possibly.

The real people behind the portals’ disappearances are the developers, because they control what goes in and what goes out of the game.


But yet he has the ability to create the mech offers himself :thinking: