A new item - rusty armor


Greetings, Pilots!
The Rusty Armor is a powerful armor with a very high HP amount
Today, the droprate of this armor is increased and if you want to receive one, get some premium packs - it is already awaiting you inside :slight_smile:

A Simple Idea About This

just a quick question,
is that the end is that will no longer portal item ?


Hey, sorry, didn’t get the question :slight_smile:
What did you mean by “it’s finish”?


end of portal item ?


Why cant we get portals?




Here and buy your own prempacks;)


Thanks for update, Berserk of Red Faction

For the players… is this torso worth buying?


I think applications would be quite similar than the blue vests. Means i can be good if used properly.



I can tell it’s a new release.

Based on Hallowed armor if you ask me.

I assume another heat version will be announced later on.

What about the shield? made them legacy?
The slot are still there … :frowning:



no it’s a release from 2002


This guy is on fire



Grand total of 0 (zero) plates here:


HEY TS don’t forget to include the drop of the legends to prempacks - 6 prempacks and only in the first i got leg-unit - the rest of your crap epic.
6 packs=30 items=1leg+29 epics.

There are signs of outright fraud - no randomness is not explained.

2players: to be extremely careful!


That is decent actually


The Rabbit will probably pop with good elec builds with this.


I pasted this torso onto my rounded and BOOM +600 hp… but reduce of 30 res on all.

That’s still hella good


See it, new meta Energy Tanks XDD :ok_hand: :joy:


HEY! You’re absolutely right! I haven’t seen a decent energy rounded build in the top ranks and I think this will convince some to make one