A new idea , i think it's awesome


So guys i just got a new idea by @Xzyckon , Well , he didn’t tell me the idea , but his sprites gave me an idea , About this

, When you keep looking in these torsos you’ll see that some torsos have flags of countries , What if tactisoft make new paints of each GREAT country like america flag and europe and brazil , and britain , and spain , and and Algeria flag , And chinese flag , And saudi arabia flag , And can be used on all the items including torsos and legs , Except those engines and modules , etc… , And make them with 150 tokens , By the way @Xzyckon , Thank you for making these awesome sprites , I have officially gave credits of your sprites in one of my posts

What do you think of this idea ?

  • It’s a great idea , I love it
  • It’s a bad idea , I hate it

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You realize that i know these infos , RIGHT? , You know exactly what i mean , And you know , you want this idea to be added


Do I?


You do , but you don’t realize that you do , Think about it , Oh i remembered , even if you think about it , YOU WONT REALIZE THAT YOU DO


The flag torsos are originally an idea of @Xzyckon, the Vexillologist serie…^^


Oh , But i didn’t know that , So i’ll be sorry if he gets sad


No problem I think, just change the @Someone you used in your post ^^

Switch KilliN with Xzyckon ^^


Ignore @Raining-Chaos , he/she like to bring up minor things in posts.


halejuyah babe love it


I would want the Nepal flag if it made my mech into two triangles.