A new idea aboout weapons


Ahh , I don’t know if people are gonna love this idea as all my previous ideas , but anyways , what about tactisoft adds new kind of achievement , for weapons , how it works you say ? let’s say you just got a Malice Beam from a box , once you equip it you’ll get a new achievement to complete , For example 3 achievements for each weapon you equip , 1 Deal 100 damage with the ( weapon name ) this will give a 10000 experience of upgrading to the weapon , 2 Deal 200 damage with ( weapon name ) it gives 20000 experince of upgrading to the weapon automatically as an achievemnt of that you completed the weapon achievement , 3 Deal 300 Damage gives 30000 experince of weapon upgrading , But it depends on how much the weapon deals of damage on it’s maximum form , and it’s weakest form , for example you just got a mlice beam on rare TIER , the achievemnts of the malice here are gonna be different , It’s gonna be like , if it’s from rare to epic max damage is for example 65-98 , it will be like 1 Deal 70 damage with the malice beam it gives 700 experince to the weapon , 2 Deal 85 damage with the malice beam it gives 850 experince to the weapon , 3 Deal 97 damage with the malice beam it gives 970 experience to the weapon , this is just an example don’t take it serious as how this idea will work , On each tier the item that you can deal damage with , the achievements will get higher a little bit depending on what is the lowest and the highest damage the weapon can do on that tier , For melee weapon also for anything that deals damage , And the last achievemnt of the weapon once you complete all the achievements and you’re about to max the weapon , this achievemnt shows once you equip the weapon , ( Max out the weapon achievement ) it will not give the weapon experince because the weapon will be maxed , but it will give the player 15 tokens achievement for maxing out the weapon , Like i said these achievements are gonna appear only when you equip the weapon , on each weapon there are achievements , So what do you say ?!

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