A new heat build: metallic chocolate melter!

This is the actually my first time I’ve properly did a valid heat(bomb) strategy:

On my new account, Z.U.L.F.I.Q.A.R.; I’ve got the ‘‘murmur’’ drone: the best yet elusive heat drone; not by heat but cooling damage, best of all, it is only generates heat!
But this account’s future will be down below; in this picture:
With my heat drone, heat bomb and my flaminators(later will be replaced by hybrid heat cannons!)

Strategy here is; as you can see no top weapons, beacuse murmur is that gud! And the magma recoiler pushes me back, grants me the chance to drop the bomb and then strike the opponent with heat captivating cannons, double teleporter & burning harpoon does the replacements of top weapon requirements.
Basically heat your opponents as much as can to giving them no opportunity to fight back, watching them rage will be your satisfaction reward!

But what is your opinions!

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What rank your account is ?

Because it might works i the beggining, but surely not in the latter game

I’ll give my full opinion once I know

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currently 16(i’m not so sure too but still opinions needed)

For low ranks, this strategy could be working (if you focus on your energy stats)

But it won’t work past a thresold if you have THAT low energy stats (because at one point, you’ll be able to be insta-drained (or almost)), and the only energy-free items on your mechs are:

  • Heat Bomb
  • Murmur
  • Flmaing Hook
  • Stomp I mean, it starts to be scary if I’m forced to count the stomp so that the list seems longer…

And I haven’t talked about Flaminator’s HUGE energy costs

So…It’s a Nope if you face Energy mechs

Now, let’s imagine you face a Phys mech

Depending on your’s opponents stats, you might stand a few turns (but nothing fancy considering your HP and resistance) or injury it quite a bit (if you can buy yourself some overheats/shutdowns with the Flaminators and Murmur, HB serving only to “enforce” your heating avantage)

So…It’s a bit a roulette, and you’ll reach a point where your HP and Res won’t make it

Now, for Heat mechs as adversary

Well…It’s very good XD
Nice stats (maybe a bit ovekill in normal situtions, but since you have an HB, I’m not sure)
The Flaminators’ 0-Heat-Cost is pretty good, it won’t help your opponent overheat your

The only hinderance would be the HP and Res (again), making this build a but vulnerable to Damage-oriented mechs

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I personally think Nemo and dual VR is a better setup for a boiler

Balanced heat bad
No en gay heat good

Personally though I think it might work but if it’s an anti heat well… Lol good luck


Are those the new mechs

Valiant sniper exists

I do not think murmur is the best heat drone in the game… far from it. I think many people also share this opinion.

first, hey welcome back
second, the heat is a bit too OP, energy now enough. Switch a heat engine with an energy one

A couple of issues here will make leveling up past rank 5 or 6 pretty difficult.

-You have way too much heat and not enough energy. Anything with under about 650 energy will get instantly zeroed in top ranks by EMP + Drone + second weapon.

-Legs are redundant. You’ll always want to use the shotgun if you’re at 1 range.

-Murmur is generally overshadowed by Flame Spear for this kind of mech.

Anyway, if you put 4 energy modules on it it should do well up to rank 3 or 4.

What legs are you thinking of ?
Premium ones ?

Flame Spear is premium too…
What if he used all his premiums availables in this mech ?

that’s my experimental account’s only good luck; only premium drone

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I like this guy’s optimism!!

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