A new drop rates nerf?


So a epic Homage for a level up box is a Jackpot? I guess some people really do have their own meanings


dude… this has been me for the past what? 2-3 months?


I was inactive for a bit…
Still doesn’t change the fact that there is a nerf, and it is not good


No it’s just your guys luck. Rares are a common sight for me and I just opened 2 5x boxes and got 3 epics which one included a heat engine and the other a heat capsule

The campaign boxes though… they were always crap


I guess you interpreted my message wrong.
I was talking about silver boxes. Not level up boxes. I’m well aware that those give a guaranteed epic and a small change to get a legy.


Ooh, Well I got a nightfall, Annihilation and a pair of Supreme in some boxes .-.


my thoughts :

  • I dont see the drop nerfs
  • The game is fine , i dont fine EMP a problem as everyone have it , sure its OP for the huge drain but why its balanced is that everyone can have it , and you cant just mindlessly spam it either , i own a pair of myth EMP but i still lose to mechs with anniliations and desolations , these people are just geniuses , packed alot of modules with over 730 energy cap and tons of energy regen but still lose to someone that dont even have an EMP ,heat bomb require even morr skill to use aa its like a huge move that decide if you win or not


I have never seen a problem with me whatsoever now .-.