A new drop rates nerf?


i would if it was possible… im not a phys


i could trade you a windforge


how about a clash?


dont have a clash lol really unlucky with shit i need except spartan carnage and abomination


well i had a clash but i fused it away, so stupid…


they should tell us drop rates also


they actually did, but that was in the old days. and they are for certain not relevant anymore.


yh i know bout that but now they dont give the drop rates




Could you take this to pm lately?

This thread is mainly about trying to figure out if there is indeed a nerf
If so, there needs to be more topics made about it, the nerfs are ridiculous

Out of 20 mix boxes, 15 were common only just now


i can tell you 100% for sure that there was indeed a nerf.


We need more topics about this…

When the power kit nerf came about a month ago, there was a huge outcry and eventually it was reverted

We need that again


but not everyone is having bad rates like i said my rates were not that bad with the power kit crisis every one was experiencing it so it was changed


This issue has been around for months now. The only possible outcome we could hope for, is a new developer team.

This current one is purely terrible and focused primarily on money, they’ve no care or thought for players. They don’t even play the game at all to understand the imbalance.

They just nerf shit based on what people think of it rather than making a logical nerf.


Why dont we get some people to make more topics?

That fixed a nerf briefly…

Unless if this is another bug. Then, we need it to be seen by the developers so they take a look at it


but this isnt too visible everyone has bad rates every one has good rates its part of rng but having lots of power packs is a blatant bug/glitch


Keep in mind, I have been playing this game for 6 months now. While there is a wide range of RNG, it is easy to tell when there is a nerf. There are several factors that go into this-

  1. Just spent 300,000 gold on silver boxes. I wanted to compare to my memory of what it was the day after the drop rate bug was fixed, which was when the drops were reverted back to normal. The difference is huge, and it is a cheap move. Check my other topic, and you will see the terrible drops that have been flushed out continuously.
  2. Tactisoft has made many nerfs in the past, so it is not surprising whenever it happens.
    For example, the final boss in insane used to have a large chance of epic, and some chance of legendary. Now, it usually gives commons and rares


the big boy nerf is a known nerf


Yes, which is why I used it in an example

I did not imply anything about it not being known…
EDIT: my post seemed like it just happened now. I was just giving an example of a nerf tactisoft has used in the past, a couple months ago


ok sorry i didnt want to read that long para