A new drop rates nerf?


Noticed during my suspension time that from silver and especially mix boxes I have been getting the most terrible drop rates. Anyone else experiencing this? It seems to me that getting rares is very rare, and getting epics is very hard now.
If this is the case, there is either another bug or they slipped one in on us with the swords update…


yes, getting epics is like hitting the jackpot now.


I’ve been experiencing this for months now. literally nothing new, since this company loves to nerf drops and make farming pointless.


Jesus, what is happening to this game…

Two of my clan members quit within the same day!!

First these new weapons that make the game terrible in top rates, and this new nerf (just without the power kits so we won’t notice…)


The game is dying alright?

That’s what is happening.


I figured

Tactisoft is doing a bad job in my opinion. I used to try and defend them, but it seems they aren’t listening to player complaints fast enough, and are instead putting out arena madness events…

Also, I feel that tactisoft should do item portals without having to release a new item, just to keep the game fresh.


I agree…
New wepons will be a distraction or somethin.
And yes.More Portal without any kind of new wepons.


not really for me but getting epics i actually need is a jackpot




i’ve gotten like 4 deso’s and 4 supreme cannons but zero ani and 1 nightfal lol




ofc not lol that would be godlike


I thought so, but you never know lol


well i have gotten 3 heat and 1 energy engine in 3 days


thats pretty good, considering epic modules are rare…


im really happy as now i have 5 legenday mod for my second mech with 3 plates


thats great :upside_down_face:


but as you may know i can get a fuking anni


i just got 2 recently…


can u swing one my way