A new challenge


Hello in this challenge I will try NOT to fap/ look at anime pictures for a year. If I see an anime picture on my phone, I will not touch it for a day.

I nominate:
@Kaen @Erik_Huang @Xzyckon @Fluxeon @kingblinks @RALFMAN

Good luck! (Including me)


Lol you can’t even go 1 day.


Not even 5 minutes …



Ok Im locking my phone for a day now



Can’t resist fapping, can ya?


Wait. Can you elaborate on this challenge? Is it us wrecking you or is it challenging us to try not to look at anime pictures?


I dont stand a chance. I have Kanna as my phone background, and my computer wallpaper is an anime trap


I’m underage…

One year later: What’s Tacticsoft? Who are all these people?




4 hours ago. Then he comments an anime pic 2 hours ago. Hmm


And dont even “im on my computer not my phone”


I was on my laptop, not computer, SLIGHT SMILE


Kinda hard not to look at anime pictures when 8/10 people you meet online spam it in your face. It’s actually quite ridiculous how popular is it but whatever.


What will you watch then to fap? :relaxed:


Send pictures of naked oranges to my inbox


NO :exclamation:
I keep them for me.

You can have some hot pictures of thomas the tank engine, but the naked oranges pictures are my favs, i even shared them with fluxeon so…


Too late. Someone else sent me pictures of nude oranges. I dont need u anymore


I want to bang an anime trap right now, especially Astolfo