A new box bug i guess?


here I was just opening a mix box of the arena box lol nvm
And it stucked like this so please fix it


refresh the website it should be fine , if not contact the developers


terrible :grimacing:


I have that almost every time.


an issue when your inventory exceeds the limit that the arena box will be unclaimed.


I’ve had that happen every time since they put in the new arena. It may get fixed ermmm SOME DAY!! but it isn’t very troublesome just have to refresh.


Hey Guys,
This has never been reported to the support email or to me.
If this has been happening since the beginning you need to write in.
Please send an email to support@tacticsoft.net


Its happening because your inventory is full. It happenned to me too while I had my inventory full. I guess the game wants to open the box there but it cant and its doesnt know what to do with it. Once I’ve reached the inventory limit and I had couple empty spaces it never happenned again.


Thanks @MrOneTwo
This is very helpful. I have forwarded it along to the right person.
Thanks again everyone.