A more interactive colony

So at the moment the “My colony” tab, to me, is rather dull. Once you build a structure it gets added to a set spot and there is nothing more to it.

What I would think could be a nifty little feature and potentially keep new players interested is if you could interact with the it and almost have a colony designer.

So what I was thinking, is that it would kinda look like a clash of clans base editor, where you can place your structures and other items (like roads, trees, etc) on a grid. This would have no effect on the game play itself, but even a basic model would add another dimension into the game and bring an attraction for some people, especially newer folk as they have something nifty and appealing to do in game rather than just waiting for EOT. Furthermore it could keep people playing for longer as you have to keep playing to unlock new buildings and flesh out your new cool colony.

Further addon’s in the future could be the introduction of workers throughout your colony, with their frequency being based on how many in game workers you have currently.

A tab to view other peoples colony creations (though this could be dangerous as you could see what structures an enemy player does or doesn’t have i.e ion cannon)

All thoughts on this are welcome, but I wholeheartedly think this could be a great implementation.

  • Love it
  • Not for me
  • Not worth it

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^ can a mod change it to see who voted what, i forgot to check the box when i added the poll

I voted not worth it.
Why? Well it is a nice idea but this line: This would have no effect on the game play itself is a little troublesome, because then some people will cry on forum whats the point of moving things around if cannot make a difference? Then the devs/admin will try their best to answer how it was added to make it more exciting and then some jerk who doesn’t understand how stressed they’re will say something like how short-visioned the devs are and blah blah, this idea: http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/enter-colony-idea/1926 is better, you can only see stuff happening not move it, if you can move it then people will start demanding results, not everyone out there is nice as you, that they’ll get happy by moving some buildings. They invested their time in doing that and they will want something in return. I don’t mean to discourage you from suggesting though, nice suggestion but that is my point of view as mentioned above.

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To clarify, we cannot change a poll once it’s already made and started receiving votes. At that point, we can only edit and make a new one (which you can do to)

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haha its cool, Ill leave it as it. But its not generating as much hype as i think would be necessary to implement it. So may be just something a few people would like to see as vehemos stated, thus not being worth it.

Either way, I would love to see it

Actually its fine
And would be great if it shows Colonies on screen a little different as well
The visuals should be grasping
No effect on game
BD is one of a kind and should be
But these kind of changes which attracts new players are good
Just my two cents

Playing too much Clash of Clans these days. =)

27 days late :stuck_out_tongue: