A man's struggle with community guidelines

I was posting in a thread and being a jerk, when suddenly half of my posts were flagged and/or deleted ( even when I wasn’t being rude). I made a joke about asking for someones account. It was flagged. And then the posts of the person I was talking to suddenly got taken down. I stated my annoyance about how my posts were being taken down, and that post got taken down. I was notified that I was spamming.

We have to talk about the rules of this forum. I don’t understand how asking for someone’s account, even as a joke, could get you suspended. The concept of spamming is very general and vague; it could mean that you are posting a lot of real content, or actually spamming.

My apologies to @That_British_dude for being a jerk, I was just joking around, but I am seriously concerned about why some of my genuine posts were removed. If this is marked as “off topic” and “spam,” I will be very mad.

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It’s very easy, when you see a serious thread:

  • Don’t post things not related to the thread (off topic and spam fall here)
  • Don’t post anything that breaks ToS (inappropriate content)

If you are polite and on topic nothing will be flagged.


20 chater eh u know it

Yes. But in my case, I was talking to someone, and in the middle of the conversation our posts started getting deleted. Why would people care if we are on topic or not? Who would flag this without malicious intent?

Because people desire to being able to read a topic and the discussion related to it smoothly, and not a rain of nonsense stuff coming from everywhere inbetween every in topic answer.

If you feel like spamming, we have an awesome offtopic section with a spam subsection. I mean, you cannot really spam and complain if you get flagged :sweat_smile:

Folks didn’t care when we started talking about the extra item in the item box in my thread about the Vandal Rage item…

If thread owner start a new topic in his thread people will think he’s okay with talking about that too. If he isn’t and don’t wanna see those things discussed in his thread, then he’s able to flag as offtopic those replies.
Here you have both your solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

This is off topic because it doesnt relate to the game. The FAQ is quite clear with the rules and joking about account stealing is a big no.

You did miss the initial point, when he asked me to trade accounts he said in the post itself that it was a joke, but he was off topic…

So was i