A "Loop" feature for the campaign missions


Sometimes I like to grind the campaign missions for gold cuz im broke, and I think it would be nice if Supermechs had a feature where you could put a mission on a loop, so you can keep beating it until your fuel runs out. This would be convenient for some people who don’t want to keep switching tabs to select another mission to beat.


No man , i’m sorry , but it’s not a good IDEA , who would wanna play the same mission till he runs out of fuel


i would… I’m broke and sometimes I leave my supermechs tab open and I would just select the last campaign mission to keep gettings xp and gold.


It’s just an idea, and I’m not saying it HAS to be incorporated into the game


No , man , HELL NO , HELL NO !!!


Well… It’s a nice thing to have if you just wanna farm like mad…
Which I do…


Who wants this feature?

  • Yes
  • No

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That’s basically the point of “grinding”…
And SM is a grinding game…

I’m personnaly for, because it’s already an idle game with the auto-pilot…
And don’t tell me the campaign fights are the most enjoyable ones…


yes. it is amazing. especially for me cause i am a mAD fArMeR


I would, gold and items wont magically appear you know


Whats wrong with you?


Me. It’s a great idea.


Wtf do you mean hell no?

This idea is perfect- I would love to farm OD6 until my fuel tank is empty, but sometimes I don’t have the time to sit at constant attention at the computer, pressing the complete mission button and starting the mission again. Instead, I could select OD6, put it on loop, set my laptop down, do something else, come back 10 minutes later and bam, I farmed my whole fuel tank, and I am ready to fuse some items and buy some boxes.

Progress would speed up so much


Then , it’s a great IDEA


Can we add an option to give it the choice to activate auto-refill once the fuel runs low so that it continues running until the player stops it?

I mean that would be perfect for item portals.
You simply set up your mech for hard mode then start the feature to keep running till you stop it.
You could go shopping or working or sleeping and it would farm the portal by itself.
Very useful now that the portals only last 24 hours instead of 48 hours.


Maybe add a number max of refills, or a limit of tokens remaining under which auto-refills stops, if you want to keep some ^^


Good idea, i would set up alot of computers farming on all my alt accounts


Or a time limit.
For portals on auto-pilot hard mode usually takes around 3 minutes per run.
So you can round it to about 20 runs per hour (usually a bit less due to taking time to collect the rewards, restart the mission and if needed to use a refill).

But the most important issue is that the auto-pilot must not trigger that chance for the finishing move on the boss.
After all when using a heat or energy mech there is the chance when destroying the boss while he is in overheat or energy break that the game awaits a finishing blow from the player.
That demand for a finishing blow cancels auto-pilot.
So the whole chain of auto-farming would be disrupted.


Read the tos


Just out of curiousity, is there a max # of votes a poll has to have in order for supermechs to incorporate a feature later on in the future?