A little question

Why supersonic give now 1 tokens instead of 3?

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Lmao…new nerf? Now free to play players are dead forever :)))))).


That’s a GOOD question… with a very interesting answer!

The fee for this information is… 12 million Credits.

+1 if you know where this comes from

I thought you cant use super sonic in your country, Omega.

Me i can,i thought you can’t you.

Don’t play with me.

I didnt breathe while I read your post.
Also, nice to know who are you, finally. And why arent you answering my private message?

lol once again it’s wrong, like i say thousand of time, me i think others players and the gameplay of ths game.The first sentence you have highlighted is wrong (for you, because i say “supersonic is available only on few country” it’s like i say it’s available on my country?) Same with the 2nd If i say “most of players” it’s necessarily me? And no khaled is not me, it’s a member of my clan.

Lol Supersonic never worked for me at all, the site just shows a “You have earned 0 tokens today” or something like that message.


Have you adblock or similar on your browser? Where are you from? Have you a software vpn in your computer?

the other day they switched it from 3 to 1 which kinda sucks:grimacing:

yup I’m not surprised. Still got the surveys but they screw everyone even more usually kicking you out after 15 to 30 minutes claiming they have enough from your category.
The more TS allows click for tokens to disappear the more money they lose.
TS is tightening the noose as much as possible these days… Only causing them more loss in the end.

LMAO I checked it and it works for the first time! :joy: (I had to disable uBlock Origin for the site, but long ago the site didn’t work with disabled adblocker either)

cool deal, you get some extra tokens while it lasts anyway. It used to give 50 to 100 a day. You might be able to clear 25 to 50 a day depending on how may work, just be patient on each ad as they have different quirks to get the reward. Some won’t pay at all.
Hopefully TS gets a clue and ads more ads so they make more cash from clickers…
and we get more tokens…

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