A little edit to the arena system


Now then… I’m sure we all have noticed that if your opponent quits, you get less reward than you would have if you had beat them…
Here’s what I think they should add…
This is to stop people from insta quitting or quitting half way through a battle so you don’t get the whole reward and to try and bring an end to derankers/smurfers…

How this works is that if you quit a battle, whether it be half way or straight away, you get a strike…
However, the strikes do not count towards the first 2 quits…
Your strike count will show up in the left top corner of the button here…
Now, the strikes mean that you do not gain any rewards for the amount of battles equal to your strike count…
Say you’ve quit 5 battles in a row, you’d have 3 strikes (it’ll show where I said they’d show)… To decrease the strike count, you’ll have to fully participate (loss or win) battles… For those battles you participate in, the strike count will be reduced by one each time and you’ll get no rewards until all your strikes are gone… After the strike count has been taken to zero, you will start earning rewards again…
This would mean that smurfers will earn nothing through their little process…
Who thinks this is a good idea? Leave comments below…

  • Good idea :slight_smile:
  • Bad idea :frowning:

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Just make it so strikes dont count for the first 2 quits


Thanks @Yeet… I’ll edit it…
Yeet… Why you got a pic of a particular president as your profile pic?


Hmmm, seems a bit too punitive (harsh)

One can get so far down into the hole that it would be too much to come back (eg. 11 strikes means 8 battles just to start getting rewards again… I’m just not gonna play SuperMechs for a while)

There was another idea circulating around which I’d prefer… that after 3 “strikes”, players would be “timed out” of SuperMechs for 30 minutes.

This would actually prevent the smurfing without being overly punitive to the point of no return


11 strikes needs 11 battles to take to 0 strikes…
Yes harsh… But quitting the battle means that the one who didnt gets less rewards…


I’ll change it to be less harsh…


I never noticed quitting reduce the opponent’s reward…

I understand more now why a lot of people quit during the animation of my final blow…


I think they quit because they know they lost

The reward reduction thing happens right at the very start of battle, before any action is taken

It’s not consistent though… it seems to happen if no action is taken… once the opponent takes an action, it’s a full reward


Oh, THAT ?
I noticed in that case…

And yes, I think so about why they quit…
When they’re going to be hit by a maxed BackBreaker at negative resistance and 250 HP or less, they have little to no chance of surviving XD


Yeah… that! :rofl:

Personally, I hang around to take those backbreaker hits, because you still get gold regardless.

What I usually do is buy the 8hr premium account (22 tokens) right before the changeover… that’s 10+ arena fights at 50% extra gold… why quit? :grinning:


Then they just run really low HP bots and achieve the same thing. It’s really not an easy problem to get rid of without introducing a whole slew of convoluted countermeasures.


Why not match opponents based on tiers rather than ranks?

Perhaps a Tier-based system would be better, where players are ranked on number of Mythicals going into the Arena
S - At least 15 Mythicals (among your 3 Mechs going into the Arena)
A - At least 7 Mythicals (among your 3 Mechs going into the Arena)
B - At least 3 Mythicals (among your 3 Mechs going into the Arena)
C - At least 7 Legendaries or higher (among your 3 Mechs going into the Arena)
D - At least 3 Legendaries or higher (among your 3 Mechs going into the Arena)
E - Everyone
Searches could be based on Tier, rather than Rank
Players would never face someone more than 1 tier above or below
This would solve the issue of smurfing and would provide a wider array of eligible opponents to face

Is it smurf proof? You can’t smurf if you can’t bring your toys with you to smurf village :grinning:


In fact, I think this would work


Quit button is here for a reason, no one wanna stay in battle while knowing is gonna lose, unless you have aplied “honnor” in the game, or think quitting is somehow disrespectful to your opponent, and think you should wait just to watch your mech being destroyed.


Mayby instead of strikes taking away the battle prize, each strike would reduce multiplier for gold and exp (eventually also arena coins) by some %… Like, with no strikes you have 1x multi (normal rewards), and for each battle quited way too early (sometimes I quit myself when f.ex. I choose my heater dependent on energy vs energy opponent, etc) the multiplier would be reduced, lets say by 0.1 (so after 10 battles you get no prize, this number is only example), the multiplier can also apply to campaign for more severe punishment.

This is just my way to improve your own idea, not exactly my point of view


Maybe just f*cking give us full reward when opponent quit?

So simple.