A little contest on the most creative mech


So I’m gonna host a contest where you should build the most creative mech.

Here are the criteria to be the winner:

  • Must be creative
  • It is creative but it also should be effective
  • Never seen before
  • Looks interesting
  • Fair stats

If you’re wondering, it can use the latest OP meta items.


  • No copying of other’s builds
  • It literally should not have been used before (except you)
  • If 2 of you had the same mech ideas, first one to post is the only one who counts

To be the winner, best chance is that it should have the highest amount of likes. So be sure to like guys!

Well, I don’t have anything to reward you with since I am unable to send tokens. So winner will be just a winner who will receive loves and kisses from a corgi. :heart_eyes:

To begin, I’ll show my mech in a separate comment.

PS. Stats must be shown.



If you’re not familiar with the weapon at the top left corner, it’s called “Polaris”. I wouldn’t blame you because it’s extremely rare to see it now.

Here are its stats:



It’s supposed to be a Backstabber MK 2 and a Mayhem Battery MK 3 but it’s too tall to fit in the screen.



Where’s The Drone?:jack_o_lantern:


It’s Evil Flame if that helps :slight_smile:


His name: Ice dragon (so original…)

double nova and coldfire lvl 10, dragon torso lvl 12, legs lvl 10, push, lighting gate, shoking drone, 4 hp plates, 1 heat controler and 1 module, with one energy control and 1 module…

my sweet icy… :wink:


I’ve seen this type of mech before. lol double Coldfires with Supernova


I am not gonna post my Mechs here , No Tokens No Fun :expressionless:


mean than my dragoon and i win :wink:


i will go make something wait for meeee pls k thx.


I don’t want @Namy to win


the contest is original mech, not copy of copy of copy…of the copy…


I totally forgot about this topic. My bad. :joy:

Anyways, @MochaLust, your mech is too weak in regards of range.

I’ll just provide a pros and cons for each and one of you.

For MochaLust:

  1. Can reach the higher ranges (6-7)
  2. Considerable amount of heat damage
  3. Considerable amount of explosive damage
  4. Good Heat
  5. No energy requirements


  1. Very easy to corner
  2. Needs alot of control in range
  3. Vulnerable to alot of builds

For @Namy, yours isn’t too original sadly. In addition, it’s also not that effective. Weak to majority of mechs. I wouldn’t really bother to make a pros and cons, but thanks for participating! :+1:


its originally cuz no one use dragon torso on rank 1… and is efective… P_P thats why the game is sumerged on godmodes… everyone want make those “efective” mechs… news for you, in ledders has 80%wins when i posted this :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes yes, no one uses the Dragon in Rank 1. But it still has the same concept with similar builds so I’ll take it as not original. :wink:


blablabla acept it, you cant handle a dragon of ice like a “efective” mech, but remember, strategy can make one aparently weak mech on one hard…

just test it, fast kill, you maybe cant imagine because are in love with one particular mech :slight_smile:


Name: “Make Ballance Great Again”

Mech preview:


Special items:




If you can’t accept people’s opinions on your build, and act like “that”, why do you bother to post?

@kingblinks… that scares me. Time for me to stop playing ladders.


How dare you called my Mech a copy :rage:
It’s my Design not a copy
Your Dragon won’t stand a chance against my Mech


wanna try? jeje :rabbit: