A legend a day or an epic a day challenge

Try to get a legend a day, or just an epic a day. This will help people be more active. If they do it for a week, give them a premium box or a premium pack, with a 100% legend chance. If they do it for a month, give them any legend of their choice. IF they do it for a year, make them a god and shut down the game because they are hackers.


Bro,I would even make a mythical a day if that would be possible.We all grind,grind,grind and try our best to make our mechs better,little by little.Sure,I agree with you,but I think everyone already does the same without reading this :smile:
Anyways,nice for trying to make a motivational thread.Keep it up

Sick of all the pessimism and broken dreams I often see around me while I’m here…


Not a legendary a day…maybe an epic a day…but…it would make it easier for new players to become better…plus in one year if you get an epic every single day that’s 365 epics

so I think no to that…

(this is just my own opinion)

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there are many new ones that go away because they are harassed … the epics would help them … in the chat and seen new ones that only go away once they are bothered … although it is true that this would support the multicuentas of more advanced users

I get like 2-3 epics a day with silver boxes

Same with me…

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make it easy xD
we can chose 1 legendary item every 3 months after lvl 75

That’s too op… Considering people will choose like seraph blade, valint, df… Etc

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so? wich would be the problem?
if everybody can access to at least 4 premium items at year game would be more interesting
considering u need at least 14 items to have 1 mech i dont see a problem on that
game dynamic need a change, a big one, this could be the beginning
even if its only 1 item per year if we can choose something it would be good

This game is not gonna exist in like 2-4 i think

better make a sale day where u pay 1/2 the price for fusion and transformation