A huge dissapointment after my calculations and testings

Tiny update :
Before this “amazing update” , we can farm silver boxes and and campaigns daily to get fabricate ourselves epics daily
Before the update :
Now lets make epics from silver boxes ( post nerf )
Silver boxes x10 = 65k gold ( with a decent amount of rares )
Random trash from campaign ( decent amount amount of rares )
maxing a rare = 20k gold( level 20 )
Evolve the epic = 25k gold
The cost overall = 100k gold
Tiny Update : This means that you can atleast fabricate one EPIC per day , if you are lucky you can even get a free one from silvers

Now ( After nerf )
Silver boxes x40 = 260k gold ( because of the increased chances of fusion kits
Random trash from campaign ( barely any rares )
Maxing a rare = 25k gold( level 20 )
Evolve into epic = 25k gold
Cost over all = 360k gold

And dont even dream about getting epics in silvers during this update

This boxes nerf quite literally just straight up forcing F2P players to buy boxes to earn easy epics because grinding like this would take quite literally FOREVER

And remember this is from a level 100+ account with 2 full myth weapons mech
Imagine what the F2P players have to struggle JUST to own an epic

Fusion points calculations coming soon


As a recent level 150 player with 2 myth builds (and started a half-myth recently) I can agree that my progress is going much slower than before and it feels like my randament is overall absent.


and a tip for buying boxes:

  1. always use website
  2. always buy single boxes not 5
  3. In website, watching a vid can get a rare or an epic(not power kits)
  4. you can skip the vid
    40x box= 40 more rare/epic
    5.alway buying boxes before buying premium( if buy premium you can’t watch vids)
    100% success
    (buy 5x boxes you only can watch 1 vid and buy 5 single can watch 5 vids, 4 more rare/epic)

maxed a mythical only cost 2 days

  • farming over lord’s den level 6 insane

You forgot the difference between a newbie a full maxed mech
make a myth for players at level 100 : 2 days
Newbies : a month

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Assuming you already have the max legend and the 5 for transforming. Otherwise make that 2 weeks!

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Month? I have created my first myth over 2-3 months lol

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Month for myth?

Welp garbage…i am still an newbie lol…

Wait i completed bigboi and i am rank 14…ok.

Maybe once the team gets back from their vacation they will see this, and revert it back

Before bad boxes: about 3 after the update : something like 5

But no legendaries.

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You can’t watch 40 ads at once, only 12 or thirteen per day, I calculated.
The best way would be to download the app, watch adds of the 5 boxes until the add thingy is gone.
Then clear cache, close app. Wait for sometime, and the re open the app and watch ads again.

Rinse and repeat.

But I quit, so it’s useless for me.
(For more info please visit spam topic- I just got these awesome legs)

How does one clear cache on pc and mobile?

Thanks that really helped me i got my second energy engine as well
Edit: just got my third one

On pc it doesn’t work… only up to 13 ad cards a day.
On mobile the regular… you know, the screen in which you can see the latest apps u used and u then swipe em all out?

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But how do you clear cache on PC still? Do you know?

It’s a browser setting, should be under an advanced tab. Just Google it.