A "How to" stuff for SM


So, this is a topic full of Useless how to stuff. But maybe some are actually useful in some way.

  1. How to autoplay in a seperate tab without slowing down the whole game :
    So this was a problem of mine, if I kept the Supermechs tab while in autoplay AND I’m checking down
    some other stuff without looking at the game, it would actually slow down the progress 5X fold, so my
    trick to that is I set up a new Chrome window (Not a new tab, set up a new Chrome window at the
    bottom) and put SM there, boom its not slow anymore.

  2. How to be a slight pro while starting a new acc :
    You know, when you start a new acc it’s kinda hard right? WELL, yea it is hard. BUT there is a simple
    trick to shorten that shiz boi, just when you start a new acc, you have like 100, 150 something tokens
    at the start right? Buy two, 50,000 gold packs, you’ll keep getting a achievement of getting like 100k
    gold, 1 mil. gold and stuff that GIVES back tokens, keep doing that and you’ll unlock a few
    achievements, claim the “get 100k gold” stuff and keep on going, until you hit the achievement of
    "Get 1 million gold" and “Spend 100 tokens” and stuff, boom you have 85 spare tokens, and ALOT of
    gold, now buy something beautiful with all that gold!
    BUT don’t spend the tokens yet, save them.

  3. How to create simple mechs of each corresponding dmg while a Rank 25-11 :
    I haven’t tested this yet because I have no time for that, but this tip might go well with the 2nd tip.

    For energy mech that is fairly decent : 
    Torso : GrimReaper (Sith if you haven't found it yet, but always keep on the lookout for GrimReaper)
    Legs : Charged Walkers (Dynamic Stompers if you want more dmg, but it will have less hp)
    Side weps : (when you have two weps only) Malice Beam and The energy shotgun (forgot the name)
                      (when you have three weps only) Malice Beam, The energy shotgun and Hungering Beam
     (when you have 4 weps only) Malice Beam, Last Words (if not, energy shotgun), 2 Hungering Beams
    Top Weps : (when 1 wep only) Blue Madness
               (When 2 weps only) Hysteria (if not, blue madness), Grim Cobra (if not, blue madness or none)
    Drone : Raven (Buzz if you haven't found it yet, but a;ways keep on the lookout for Raven)
    (When you are now Rank 15-11) Face Shocker or Snack (if not, Raven, also I recommend  Face Shocker)
    I don't care what you have as modules and special items, but don't forget to equip energy mods and heat mods.

Will update later for Physical and Heat.


Lol, you can’t assume people will have premium items


On what part did I “assumed” they have premium items? Also, on the energy mech building tip, all there was items that go from Common - Epic, while being Charged Walkers, Dynamic Stompers, GrimReaper, Face Shocker, Snack, Hysteria, Last Words and Grim Cobra the only ones that can go to Mythical :confused:


You didn’t steal these builds from a different thread, did you?


I don’t know any thread that has that, like seriously I don’t know .-.

Also, The energy Shotgun is NOT the Bulldog, I’m talking about the energy version of Ironbark and Homage.

And Blue madness is this boi



I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding… I honestly thought you meant Bulldog


Lol, you forgetting stuff already.


Is there a how to stop the Godammed flash player from crashing?


Hmm… What version are you?


Update yo shit, go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Uncheck the crap ware in the middle. Install it, restart browsers. Presto.

should fix the crashing if I’m not mistaken

If not, try a different browser (heavily recommend opera).


thank you @cyanine for changing your pic… was giving me headaches


Indeed,incognito tabs work better;doing that myself when farming and staying on the forum simultaneously.


Hw was talking about this sucker:


Which? The headbang, the WTF am I doing with my life, or the big muscle guy?


Already had and still crashing :confused:

Latest version


Ooooooohhh… Crap, maybe try to reset the cookies in your browser? If not, try to contact Adobe or Tactisoft on that.