A how to on : Smurfs

Smurfs! Smurfs! SMURFS! They’re everywhere and is always making people in rank 7-10 de rank back to the stone age so here’s some tips from a player that barely gets to rank 4

Heat Smurfs

Heat smurfs are basically heat builds that are at the lower ranks when they’re supposed to be in ranks 5-1, Though they have lower hp than others, They are the most hardest to kill since they have a lot of weapons that can overheat a average player, So always have a Anti Heat in your lineup or just do the Attack, Cooldown method, It works sometimes

Energy Smurfs

The most annoying in the bunch since it doesn’t overheat, It instead Energy breaks you which is… Annoying as hell, So bring a High Energy mech or just a energy mech with really high Energy cap would do or Just deal enough damage to kill them before they kill you

Physical Smurfs

Basically… The round ender, These mother##### are the hardest to kill, High damage and High HP, and probably has enough firepower to kill one if not both of your mechs so have a Mass Boiler build or a Energy mech since Both can counter one, Though it doesn’t work all the time so be careful

Hybrid Smurfs

Basically a Heat or Energy mech with a Nightfall and Annihilation equipped, These ####ers likes to use dumb luck on these two weapons, Making them the most annoying when you lost to them, They just like to be a pain in the A## When you already have a massive headache, If you want to counter them then… Just make a well rounded mech to take care of them, Though that doesn’t work all the time

So… I suck at this game… End of story



Definition of Smurfs please?

People who purposely drop ranks to farm wins

I will call our smurf expert



Lol just quit the battle

Common strategy vs smurfs

At this point I feel you’re just venting

#Smurfsaremechstoo #Smurflivesmatter


There is a very easy way to fix most of the Smurfing problem but I doubt Tactisoft will admit the mistake they made doing it.

1v1 2k box was easy to get get so we saw a lot less Smurfing.

Then 2v2 happened…

Now, you see Smurfs nonstop because it’s he fastest most time economical way to get that many wins.

So, short answer is change it to 1k wins as it should have been done when it changed from 1v1 to 2v2 and ditch the 5k box completely.

Smurf problem mostly eliminated.

No, They are a pain

Nibba, I meet Smurfs almost everyday.

For heat Smurfs, I have a 40/60 chance of winning, but if they really do have HIGH Regen, then dead, but my anti heat would finish them… kinda.

For energy Smurfs, they can’t kill me or drain me, plus they have lower energy than other energies since they tend to destroy heats :joy:

For physical Smurfs, anti heat phys I have no problems with, for anti energies though, 35/65 winning chance.

For hybrids, f*ck them.

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Nice topic. I’m surprised it’d be good. Title isn’t the best but content is solid. I found it to be funny, interesting, and most importantly, informative. A good read. :+1::+1:

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Haha, your cussing is so hilarious! Since I enjoyed rereading the funny parts so much, I decided to bookmark your topic to reread whenever I need a good laugh. It’s a classic! And the best part is your not trying to be funny and it’s all true. Thanks for the good laughs!

:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

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