A "Hero" Concept

I’ve liked this idea for a long time, it’s something you could add to BattleDawn for an extra way to outplay people and I’ll go ahead and explain. :smile_cat:

Imagine at the beginning of each round, every colony starts off with a “Hero.” This unit could do anything the community decides such as maybe simply having high stats, but I thoroughly enjoy the idea of him increasing all the damage your units output by a percentage whenever he takes part in a fight. Since each colony only gets one, you’d have to be careful with which part of the map you send him to.

I also like the idea of “if this ‘Hero’ dies (while fighting in a location not at your colony), he dies for good and you do not get another one”.

what do yah think?

i like it a lot

kinda like civ

Like the commander in Warlight?

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