A guy going around claiming he is me


Ok? But what does that have to do with the topic of saying of him going around spreading rumors about me. I just explained the background of what happened, not THAT was the one that happened.


The point is that there are rules to prevent the misuse of accounts.
But then players ignore those rules and afterwards suddenly find out that someone misuses those accounts.


Well it does not mean that I care if everyone knows at some point that I would be the real one. And want to know something? I didn’t “ignore them” I just didn’t SEE them. SO can’t blame me on that because I just clicked random buttons when I made an account.


Well, then let me explain why you might be interested in that other player in case that you are the original legitimate account user a.k.a. the owner of the email address that was used to create that account.

Remember the point that the legitimate account user is liable for any misconduct as we know from ToS 2.1.1 + 2.1.3?

This also includes the following:

  1. “Someone” else uses that account because of sharing or trading accounts = the original user knows about it.
  2. That “someone” then purchases tokens but calls back the payment later (for example by claiming that his paypal account or credit card have been stolen).
  3. Then TS can demand the money for those purchases from the original legitimate account user because he did not report the “leaking” of his account information immediately and therefore allowed that “someone” to order those purchases without fulfilling the payment.

So “sharing” accounts could become quite expensive for the legitimate account user.
Just saying in case you did not realize this.


Ok, for one. The first account had been mine, then the second account was his but he named himself my name. MY third account is mine, but to state it used to be Godzilla’s but he had given it to me. (Don’t you dare quote me on that because I already explained that I changed the password) So then on his account he started to spread rumors in the game about me.


Wait so let me get this straight so you gave some guy an account and you telling us it not you I just woke up


No. I said that the first account was mine, but I allowed it to be shared, then it got stolen. The second account was mine, then he gave me another account but he wanted to keep it. So he created it so it is his


Guys, I would advise PMing/Mailing TS support to help with these claims.

Debating/Arguing it here will not get you anywhere near a good solution. So please, either off to supports email or PMs.

(this topics really going nowhere).


Oh so you shared an account he hacked it to be his


Then that means he is not using any of your accounts.
Did I understand this correctly?

When I read the part about sharing accounts I did get the impression that he used an old account of yours.
So I wanted to inform you about the liability issue in that case.
In that case it would be important that you report the situation to TS so that they can freeze or delete that old account to prevent any misconduct.
That was my intention when replying to you.

In case he just copied your username and is not using any of your old accounts then everything is fine.


No. the first account was stolen by someone else


Sorry man I am haveing a sleepy day today


THIS TOPIC MEANT THAT HE WAS SPREADIN RUMORS ABOUT ME. NO ACCOUNT WAS STOLEN (except for the first one which was stolen by someone else) Jesus…


Okay I get it now just super sleepy


How do we know you’re not the imposter? Hmmm.


Because I have been here for a longer time and this account no one knows my password or my email. (My forum account.)


I feel like that is something that an imposter would say.


Mhm. I find it funny how you can’t see that for one. This was like, 5 months after I joined the forums.
You have been here for barely a month.
Scratch that 20 days.


Oh yeah and just remembered.

Why the fuc k did you revive this old topic you old hag?

Well actually now that I think about it. How do you even find these old topics?


I’m ridiculously bored and depressed so thought I would mess with you. My apologies, no offense intended.