A guy going around claiming he is me


Well. This is a bit of a shame. The dude had given me an account, but once his account was taken, I allowed him to take it back. How does he repay me? By going around saying “HEY! I AM KN0TN0 ANYONE WANT TO TRADE ACCOUNTS??!” And for one I do not ask to trade accounts anymore. Anyone who asks will be declined, and someone like him should not be here. If anyone sees a guy named Kn0YTVIPER (The viper capitalized) then it is not me. If anyone sees me with my original mech, name of Kn0YTViper (Not caps on viper) If anyone even cares that is. He is extremely disrespectful.


Will keep an eye out


also he is trying to make me look bad in my own clan.
46 PM
he calls me a low life when he himself is one. He took my name and claims that he is me


It’s like someone posing as my “Scarlet Dragonfly” would make me very angry


I saw scarlet dragonfly in chat


why all players are viper :joy:


idk. I am the only one with KN0 in it (Other then the fake one)


My condolences… But I gotta say, this is why trading accounts is a bad idea. I’d suggest changing your name (once he’s kicked from the clan, assuming that happens).


Delete “Viper” from your name and problem is gone


I saw that dude yesterday.

And honestly, I thought he was you.


You sure have a lot of problems with accounts and people claiming to be you.


Douche’s…just tryin to be you to be best…


Yeah I stopped trading accounts. And now he didn’t leave the clan. His actual name in the game is Troll.game but now he is on the other account.


Oh. Well that is the problem.


Yes I am aware of this.


Not everyone is a douche. Just people who pretend to be me.


there is a second algerianno,rank 6 phys mech


Well, I probably annoy people by repeatedly mentioning this but…
There are the ToS everyone agrees to when playing the game.

And in these ToS there is this part:

2 General Terms and Conditions: The whole use of Services, including Applications within Services, shall be governed by the following terms.

2.1.3 Accurate and Secret Information: You shall provide Tacticsoft only with accurate information about yourself and shall keep Your User Account information, including password and other login information in utmost secrecy and shall be liable to any damage, direct or indirect arising from the misuse of Your User Account. Should You find that any personal information regarding Your User Account has been violated or disclosed, You shall immediately and without any delay (1) notify Tacticsoft of any unauthorized use of Your password and User Account; and (2) make intentional efforts to ensure that no other party misuses Your User Account thereafter.

Point 2.1.3 already prohibits giving other people your account info.
As such “trading accounts” is also prohibited by this part of the ToS.

Even more so it mentions that you are liable for any damages caused from your user account if you have not informed TS immediately in case you find out that it was used by others or that its login information has become known to others.
So anyone who “trades” their accounts is directly responsible for any misconduct the new user of that account does.


I didn’t technically trade =_= We shared accounts. Then when that account I shared with him got stolen, he had another account and went onto that. He had given that to me, but since he allowed us to share the account, I allowed it. I didn’t expect him to go around spreading rumors about me. Allowed him to go onto the account again is what I mean


ToS once again:

2.1.1 Authentication: When registering for Services, You shall receive an email with Your User Account details. Such message contains both Your name and password and may be sent unencrypted. Should You wish to increase Your security, You should change Your User Account password immediately after registration.

One email address can only be “owned” by one person.
So therefore ONLY the “owner” of that email address is the legitimate account user.
If you “shared” that account then the one of you who is the legitimate account user disclosed the account information to the other one.
And thereby that one of you who did so violated the ToS and is responsible for any misconduct done on that account.