A good use for Heat Bomb

The new item Heat Bomb is finally granting heat mechs a good and easy run on the Big Boy Mission in Insane Mode. :sunglasses:

Just wanted to let any heat user know that Heat Bomb is really useful for campaign in case they haven’t noticed it yet.

P.S.: The only premium item I have equipped on that mech is 1 Magma Blast.
So it should also be possible to do so without any premium item.


It’s useful for raid too

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You’re a youtuber now?lol

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I had that account for a long time but only to watch some videos so far.

But when you want to show how useful an item in Super Mechs can be then you can only show that effectively by capturing your gameplay in a mission or PvP battle and upload that video.
So since I already have had that youtube account I thought:
“Why not use it to show it if I notice something interesting in SM?”

That is all there is to it.
So I am not really a youtuber as in someone who wants subscribers or any views.
I just upload it and in case someone is interested in the content cause they didn’t know so far what I noticed they can watch it.

If there is any way to upload a video directly to the forum without youtube then I would do that.
But the upload here only works for images and not for videos, or am I wrong?

This is not a hosting site with loads of servers to keep videos on. You need to use a 3rd party to host any videos. (Like youtube as you said)

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Thanks for comfirming this.

its really helpful but even u the youtuber forgot to shutdown his mech:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Which mech?
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Add an alternate version.

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27 PM

Well, how about Repulsor (Rare) instead of Terror Cry or Last Words?

Btw. my arena shop upgrades in heat type:
Heat Capacity: +5%
Heat Cooling: +5%
Heat Damage (IMPORTANT): +17%
Explosive Damage: +5%
Explosive Resistance: +5%

My mech setup:
Torso: Zarkares (myth lv. max)
Legs: Devouring Paws (myth lv. max)

Side Weapons: Repulsor (rare lv. 20), Heat Bomb (myth lv. 46), Corrupt Light (myth lv. max)
Top Weapons: Savagery (myth lv. max), Vandal Rage (myth lv. max)

Utility items: Teleport (common lv. 10)
Drone: Nemo (myth lv. max)

Modules: 1 Cooling Booster (legendary lv. 40), 3 Heat Engines (2x myth lv. max, 1x legendary lv. 40), 3 Iron Platings (epic lv. 30), 1 Heat Protector (epic lv. 30)

Now satisfied, @Kn0Tn0YT?

You just taged the wrong person boi.