A good idea for a tournament mode

I’ve been thinking in a fun way of tournament good my idea is about when you start in this tournament only give you a torso legs and a gun and fences to battle and constant fences getting other weapons such as modules hooks drones fences increasing your mech ah so that you reach the end of the tournament but my idea is that a tournament like this lasts a few days and depending on the rank that you left is what you get example: rank 10 you get two epics and a legendary

Elaborate; I don’t understand what you’re trying to suggest.

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I explain you friend in this tournament mode I think that you only have a torso some legs a gun and already and hurdles competing with equal people and while fences winning you fence giving weapons drones modules etc … I do not know if you get my idea

I can’t understand, because you keep talking about fences…

Does this fence keep dogs off my front lawn? My neighbour’s dog always takes a shit on mine.


hablas español porque asi seria mejor que supieras mi idea porque el traductor de google no es muy bueno y mas en español

Me gustan los conejos

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ya me confundi si hablas español o estas trolleandome? :'v

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fences = obstacles?

me gustan los conejos @fluxeon

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if so if the google translator comes out weird things and I find out until someone says about it

Thank goodness… for a moment there i was thinking Uslayn Bolt style of SuperMechs, thnking i was gonna use them legacy grasshoper legs again…but nope…maybe next time, back in the sock drawr they go…
but this is my more my style:

vaya = go

ex: vaya con dios = go with God