A gold mine for sm

its when you mine for 1hour then after each time you will gain a certain amount of gold it will level up every time you finish mining its a simple concept of gettting money and i just thought of this right now
idea still in developing

  • needs fixes but good idea
  • no
  • great ready to go
  • yes

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its not like the mineing tokens thing its does not cost that crypto currency thing its and in game thing

Why the hell would you want to not only kill your computer with SM but also have SM open for 24 hours!?

Make it shorter, 30/60/120 minute farming runs. Each with varying gold totals (and no there is no bloody pay to speed up here).

This is just to fix this Horrendous idea

In reality, gold is much easier than tokens to come by. Simply farm OD6 a couple hundred times every week or so. And you’ll have enough gold to last you for a while.


You mean token mine but much more potent to your PC?

no its for not when yo are on for even when you are offline with your computer shut down

That’s not how this works lmfao

ima just stop here

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thanks for helping me :grinning:

i like this idea but what do you mean by mine?
is it like resources you can explore every now and then (or are permanently there waiting for upgrades) and is like a way to gain resources while being offline or while doing missions just like in clash of clans with the gold mines?
if so… sign me in

You don’t like the mining tokens experiment but this idea is the same as mining tokens


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Some nice large text

no not mineing its away of getting coins just in sm does not require pay are any thing just you and your sm account

no mining please :slight_smile:


Sorry it was Minecraft refrence.
No.I mean if this would get added…hackers would probably make more tokens.
(My pc is strong tho…but i don’t wanna.)


Dude,you can develop relationships,plans,strategies,builds etc.
You can not develop ideas,let alone keep them under developing…They just come.

What the hell :laughing:

Well…That would be against SM politics and game style…

The mine?


what were the reason which led in closing of token mine?

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because everyone have potato pc’s and moms would sue them

well i call it mining its really not it just another thing to do play sm

Well…your idea looks like cryptocurrency mining test of TS…
It ended up in a…what ?..bloody disaster earthquake allied with gigantic tsunamy radioactive horror

But this could be tweaked…MAYBE, CONSIDERING THE FACT IT WOULD BE ADDED (if it would), I feel like it should be like the “Mercenaries” feature in the Internet browser-based “Clicker Heroes”

(Will explain later, no time for it now, but you can go check on Internet ^^)

you know clash of clans the gold mine just like that its just an other way to intertain people