A Fusing Quest for 225000 gold


Greetings, Pilots!
Today and tomorrow (on 10-11 of January) you will face a quest to complete!
The HQ has requested reports from pilots regarding the content of their inventories.
Those of you who wants to get some reward for the nice job and a proper space management will need to fuse 200 items and get 225000 gold for that :slight_smile:
Wish you the best of luck!

Upgrade Calculation

Farms campaign + Spends 225,000 gold on boxes = get 225,000 gold

let’s meme this


Spend 200 Gold, get 225000 Gold :exclamation:

-… 200




finished it before you posted.
i definatly didnt just buy 200 christmas hats no no not at all!


Finished (incl prove) …




Nek minit

If it turns out she trolled everyone into buying 200 christmas hats because they changed the mission so you can’t fuse them



Great :b


Easy it only cost me 100k gold and 1 hour



Wow, 33 million, nice.


With that Gold, You could max a whole bunch of stuff and get to at least Rank 3 Easy…


i would be in rank 7 with that gold…


2ab and I are around Rank 5…with that Gold, I could be Rank 3 no problem…


with 32mil gold, you can max 2 full mechs easy… problem is that you need the good items


I have plans for my mechs all set, I just need the Gold…and that 33 mil could help me so much…


Nah I’m on way to 100m gold ;b
I want to beat besty :b
So Im saving gold :b


I would do that after you get to Rank 1


Oi, brennan, I thought you were going to sleep…


Well have you?
What rank you are now?


I am Rank 5 at the moment…