A fixed damage for weapons, no a range!


Why do weapons have a range of damage from A to B ???
And during matches can you have so many different values, sometimes even over 100?
I think this is a lot annoying for a fact. There is no way to have control. It is irritating not to be able to control this.

If the weapons had a fixed damage, + and - the opponent’s shields, would be much nicer, because you could have control over your opponents, and see it right away or if there is someone who cheats-hacks, or at least if there is something strange.
Now this can not be done because with the excuse of the range anyone can cheat about just enough to win the games. So there would be no discussion or problem.

I hope other players agree with me.

--- VOTE to change RANKING system ---

I’m pretty sure there’s no way to cheat the damage values in the game client-side. I’m not so sure about fixed damage values as a concept either, some weapons like shotguns depend entirely on RNG.


this is something i learn a long time ago if your enemy its a physical with resistance drain unless you have more than 700 youre probably fried
weapons dmg range increase or decrease with resistance
some people its just too lucky its pretty weird

you cant control anything on this game also

did you played the minigame battlemechs?
youre idea its something i was going to write some days ago but i forgot it
The idea its simple keep the range but for the dmg values instead of put a dmg range, better put atack dmg distribution:
Like the minigame
a hit to the torso its 100% of dmg
a hit to legs 75% of dmg and 25% of disable probability
a hit to weapons 50% of dmg and 20% of disable probability
weapons disabled would be those in the range of oponents weapon that atacked forcing you to move to atack
for example one of the most used:
-if i disable weapons with a metal shredder all oponent weapons on a range of 2-4 would be disabled by 2 turns forcing my enemy to come closer or atack with longshots

  • if i hit the legs with a melee weapon and i disable legs legs wont be able to move or atack by 2 turns, but if have energy he could use teleport
    with this game would be annoyingfor those who complain for everything and better on strategy for those who want a strategy challenge
    extra dmgs would deal the same amount, the decrease% its for hp dmgs
    ill do the poll soon


You are pretty sure there's no way to cheat the damage values in the game client-side.

An external hacker can do what he wants when he wants


You are pretty sure there's no way to cheat the damage values in the game client-side.

If he wants, he can write in my comics during the game as well.

But …

In so obvious cases it is easy to check

The problem is when the changes are small and hidden in this fucking range. As your opponent can do damage at the top of his range and you only at the bottom of your range. And he wins

or …


For you this is right? How do you control such a thing?

I also have the external link of the game if you want to control it, but if I place it they flag me


shotgun will be affect a lot and yea…a lot of weapons + hackers can hack wen they wana sooooo they will be like:ooooo a new update…heheh still hack


Nothing that you’ve shown so far provides any evidence that you can alter damage values externally. A ray gun can produce damage once you upgrade it, I’ve already shown you this in a previous post, the second and third screenshots are clearly bugs, and the 4th screenshot doesn’t prove anything apart from the nature of the shotgun.


OK, ty @Gangue .
The problem is just that … you got it in full …
with this fucking system with range, one can not prove that one fools.

Sorry, do you think the idea seems bad?

really you can not understand what I have to bear everyday


@Gangue please, do u can explain me this:

Above the shield + 30% heat my drone produces only … 55 damage …


Next turn, out of the shield + 30%, the drone produces a damage of 63.
To consider that my opponent’s values have not changed.
Looks … I ask you just as information, nothing else. ty


@Shadowsinthenight Ok since you just want an explanation I’ll be happy to explain.

The pad you were standing on increases heat damage by 30%. This is different from the pad he is standing on, which increases explosive damage by 30%. Heat damage is the damage that makes you need to cool down, whereas explosive damage is the damage that reduces your HP. Basically, you moving in and out of that pad doesn’t affect the damage you do to his HP at all.

As for the increase in damage, your drone is able to (at max fusion) do 25-37 damage. If you add 30 to that (from his resistance), you are able to do 55-67 damage to him, so the damage values in the screenshot are normal.

I hope that helps you understand the game mechanics a little more.


Ok, meanwhile thank you. Anyway sorry … I don’t understand !!!
WHY 1 time 55 and 1 time 63 if condition are the same ???
I bicome crazy for this things !!!
This is the thing i don’t understand.
5 - 10 - 15 points of damage make the difference at the end of the game!


This is how the game is made. Your luck is the same as everyone else, some games you get lucky some games you get unlucky.


For me there is no sense.
However, we are approaching the theme of this discussion …
“A fixed damage for weapons, not a range!”

"This is how the game is made"
Exactly … We are in “ideas and features” because I wanted to give my idea to change this.
A game based on luck? But what does it mean?
There is no game based on luck. A game is so because it is based on certain rules. The game is so because it has its rules.
Take chess for example:
One turn the pedestrian makes pedestrian, the turn after doing queen.
It makes no sense.
But take any game you come to your mind.

That is becouse I proposed and propose, again, a game based on fixed values. With a fixed damage + / - the opponent’s defense.

This is my idea.


Man. IRL would be always same? What about if Bullet is broken, stuck in weapon or wind appeared? that also changes a bit.


Sure you can try to change it, but it really makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. Your luck always averages out, so in the long run this will make no difference.

What RNG adds to the table is the possibility to win when all seems lost, and the possibility to lose when you’re careless. The idea is that you never know whether you win or not until you actually finish the battle. You’ll lose this excitement if you ever implement fixed damage values.


For me “exciting” is win.
And win at a game, not at the wheel of fortune.

Is it nice to LOSE because your opponent, or something outside, has
cheated? Is it not nice to have control over the rules?

Is there a basketball game eg where an opponent has 10 players once, another time 20 another 5?

The fortune component remains, for example, in the various scenarios where there are ground shields that give an advantage to one or to the other player.

I’m going to play, I do not want to argue. Just say I like it if you like it or does not matter. That’s just an idea. (Which, said among us, I do not think they will never get in consideration)


I don’t want to argue either, but I want to use your basketball analogy.

Imagine if there’s 2 seconds left on the shot clock, and you shoot the basketball. You don’t know if it’s going to go in, and the entire crowd is on their feet, hoping it will go in or miss. This is the excitement I’m talking about.

Now imagine if there’s 2 seconds left on the shot clock, and you shoot the basketball, and everyone already knows whether it will go in or miss. There is no excitement in that at all.

Like I said, I don’t want to argue, but maybe this analogy will be better in explaining what I mean by excitement.


I understand what you want to say though, you can get in the last 2 seconds, as you say, only if there are precise rules, because otherwise the last two seconds our base team of the example would come with -100 points.