A few small changes to the mech

Oh no…
Actually,half-smurf but still…
You will need a lot more cooling.At least 250 for a good build.
Also,swap an Annihilation for Supreme Cannon and/or anything else but the Annihilation.

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Change the anni into an abomination or terror cry,
And also can you show us the modules?

Nah, sucks.
Here’s why
Either use no energy weapons(mercy,magma blast, desolation ) with decent regeneration to create a damage style smurf mech.


Create energy style heat mechanical with decent heathenergy cap and regeneration/cooling.

Problems with this mech is that
You are see here in the middle. Other heat mechs(both damage and heat based) will bone you since you have low resistance and not good damage weapons.
Secondly energy mechs will bone you too. First , energy break. Then you will use anni or deso depending on range, but only one or your weapons. Then that other mech will hit you twice and cause over 700 damage or so. In other words, you are dead within 5 turns, and he still has around 40 percent of his HP.
You might have a chance against phys mechs, but once again, they have around 500 heat and energy cap(at your level)and decent cooling.they then will resistance drain the heck out of you by using either armour annihilator+ desert fury along with a greedy drone, or simply bone you using mercy+dual nightfall or Something like that.

Now, am not telling you can’t win, but it’s gonna be pretty tough.

I’m also not telling that I’m better that you(I suck).


What’s a smurf build

Heat mech
20 chars is not enough

I like how people write “smurf mech” when it’s easier to write “heat mech” since it’s one letter shorter lol

I have nothing against it but it’s funny


Oh I did not know mabye saying heat means something bad is going to happen

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Remove that.

refer to this link, it helped me, and im sure it will help you! :slight_smile:

Maybe a rocket king build ^^
Supreme Cannon

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Maybe,but as you can see he has no L-M’s for that (yet).
Supreme Cannon+Repuler+something else for the little weight left will do for now.
Most importantly,the modules first as his core stats are way to weak for a max myth tier.


Also sent out the first chapter. Added you in it XD I will be adding more chapters :3

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