A few question i have (recently again started playing SM)

How do i get that hammer thing a lot of people have ??

Which mech is better for campaign , i am currently using a electric mech and its just ok ok.

tbh every type of mech is good for campaing , as long as you play it correctly.

The hamer you mean the Backbreaker? you can get it as epic

The hammer have a spike on it sometimes ?

If yes, then it’s the BackBreaker, a Epic-to-Mythical item

If no, it should be a legacy item, cannot be obtained anymore…

I don’t have it either…but I want the hammer or the axe

You want the hammer? It’s no good, you’ll see what I mean the second you fight an energy mech

The one that shines when the enemy hits me from it

i reduced it to 0 E and enemy could still use the hammer to deal 160+ dmg to me , i am guesseing it doesnt need E to move.???

Felt like a bit op with a physical mech

The hammer is pretty much useless…only annihilator and nightfall are the good phy side weapons… There are more legendary - myth side weapons also which r good

if u have a pic of a fully upgraded one can u share ??

Of the backbreaker? .

whatever it is called

You can gey every item from the game from boxes! For greatter chances i recomend you try the premium boxes, you can get a lot of good stuff from it.

The best type of mech for campaign are the Heat Mechs! Because campaign mechs “don’t care” for cooling so you can easly over-heat em’.


This is image, if you want more info on weapons see this thread

He means to throw your credit card wallet and your bank account out the window

Dw not the first time playing SM , so i know how it works , make an update people use reds get the new items, after 4 months make another update and repeat…


All the hammers or axes shine when they hit you so…^^

It reminds me a weapon…but I’m not sure if it costs energy or not to use…
I talk about the Platinium Hammer, a legacy Mythical item…

Does it looked like the hammer that mech, in yellow-orange or red color ?