A drawing of my mech


R.I.P Supermechs 2012 - 2017




Wow, so much passion, so much drawing skills ,how much time do you spent for this art?


2-3 hours, It’s pretty basic


aren’t you that guy who beat me yesterday ._.


Just sows how bad the Graphics are in this game. not to take anything away from Zaskar’s the drawing is amazing . But I see beater graphic from the freshman G.D. students locally.

I know is the S.M. team gave Zarkres good software and full time money we would have beater graphics then we do now.

I mean Zarkes actually has skill where whom ever does the graphics for this game has none at all.


Half of new items is just copied/slightly changed old items


My lil zarkares is a artist.


I like it, good work.