A dev please help me gain full control over my account

Ok so when I log onto my account it logs into another sm account called red shark but when I log onto it with my laptop it’s fine and all my stuff is moved around and I’m in a different clan with someone claiming to be the original account owner devs please help me

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What is your account ign, the clan and the person claiming to own your account?

I don’t know i got in my account and left the clan without pics but the person claiming to be the owner he calls himself demon

rambo the player names almighty knows what happened then when I called them out they tried to take it back

Are you two the same person?

Me and Jacob we here are the same person sorry

Now I can’t even get back into my account I don’t know my account numbers on it

See Rambo I am owner of account

Here’s this if you need it Rambo

Can you show me the person in your clan who says they are the account owner?

Curious @R.A.M.B.O how are you going to help @AllJacobGames.
If you can help him please send me your resume :slight_smile:

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I think you can make a new account info and link it to your original one. Not sure if that is how it works.

I don’t have the admin powers like you but I sure do have the ability to collect information :slight_smile:

Please help me they keep getting on my account and there deleting some stuff

So I logged onto my account today and found this


This is getting out of control now someone help me people are now starting to threaten me take a look for yourself

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, link it to that and unlink it from a sm login

Help me currently the hacker is getting into my account and deleting my items you DEVS @Sarah247 you NEED TO HELP ME NOW

Yes help me look at my account now @Sarah247