A couple of questions

Is faceshocker,dustmaker,murmur,anguish,greedy,swoop,and windforge all premium items?

Greedy, Windforge, Swoop, Anguish, murmur, Dustmaker are all Premium items (generally any L+M item is).

Face Cancer (Shocker) is E+M. It’s the only none premium item here.

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Okay, i just cant seem to get it.
I waited 3 months for a back breaker, and 1 for a nightfall.
Those engines and mass boosters seem to be darn rare( Epic, i know).
Most epics given are usually leg food or boosting(rarely).

That’s a problem we’ve all had for a while now. Getting any premium item without paying (even payers get screwed).

And Engines/Boosters seem to be getting rare now. For some reason, but just continue farming RB (normal) and buying silvers (I’d suggest 6500 over 32,500 otherwise you’ll end up broke).

And it’s fine to boost with epics, just don’t over do it. Good luck on finding what you need!

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I only do the bigboy mission on normal, and sometimes the molotov mission(i saw that the occurrence of fortune boxes there is pretty good, that is how i got abomination and ash creator)
I buy around 20 to 30 boxes(6500, since we get that extra card and more rares).
Yeah,good luck to us all.

Ahh, wow you seem to have a pretty good farming strat already.

I’ll give Molo a try, had tried it a while ago to no avail. But eh maybe somethings changed.

Yeah… Just remember to refresh the page just before getting that last gold box in every mission(some bug that resets rank to 25).It increases chances of rares and epics, if not the yellow fortune box.
AND i use around 200 fuel every week on the gold portal , ramming it on hard mode.

Only one is a heat item, the other is energy lol

Oh, mixed Crimson and ash :smile:

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