A client version

So, I a client version is a downloadable version of the game. I got this idea when I noticed that mobile version has better graphics than the PC version. Here is an example:
PC version:

Mobile version:
(sorry could not take the full image)

See the difference? In a client version, you could have the same graphics on your PC.
Also, the game would load faster (a bit faster). And a bit less lags and glitches.
So what do you think, should there be a client version of SM or no? Well, vote and tell me your opinion in replies! @Sarah247 @Mohadib

  • I like it, it would be good to add it.
  • No, I don’t like it, is useless, don’t add it.

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dude im add color correction to my video ¯_(ツ)_/¯
sprites on pc version have better quality


Honestly I don’t even care about the graphics of the game…as long as I an play I’m fine

technically I would like to have better graphics on the pc so please know that you can download the game to the pc not with the gameroom that does not work for me

Uuuhhhhh… then how do any of my friends have better graphics? (also im not sure if you are the real kig blinc)

In the options of the game you can change the quality from Low to Medium To High.

I play on low cause less lag and stuff

that doesn’t matter. on the first image quality is high, and still is bad.

this topic would have to be not only to see it eh go away this topic would have to be something more than just a common survey :confused: